Being a Mom & Fit with Harmony Fowler

Being a Mom & Fit with Harmony Fowler

“I didn’t lose myself when I became a mother, I found myself” – Unknown

There is something monumentally special about bringing life into this world. It’s like a hidden switch deep inside our goal driven box that was finally turned on. I’ve always known that being the healthiest version of myself was obligatory, however, I lacked the push I needed to get there. October 9th at 4:30am, I found that push! That day I chose to become an active mom because now there was a little being who needed me around. At first it was not easy to find the time or energy to run a mile or two especially with boobs full of milk! Forgetting to pump and trying to do a push-up is nowhere near fun! But, it’s worth it! Plus, not only was I burning calories breastfeeding, I noticed that exercising help me heal faster and got me through those not so good days. No matter where you are on this mommy journey, even if you are thinking about having kids, start living healthy now; make time, be the best version of you!


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