Sit down with Mean Green for your 2017 goals

Sit down with Mean Green for your 2017 goals


Happy New Year guys! What a year! 2016 was filled with some much excitement, development, experience, and of course RESULTS! I have been away from the blogs in the last couple of months, due to the demand of boot camps and speaking engagements. So, now that my team and I have things in order, I’m back! I promise I will not leave you again!

Let’s reflect a little bit on our previous year. How did you do? Were you consistent? Did you make the adjustments needed? Are you happier? Did you learn? Did you get RESULTS? I’m hoping your response to all of my questions was “yes!” However I do understand that many of you did not have the year you wanted. That’s why it’s a blessing to be able to be active in 2017, because this year you can get what you desire. If you weren’t apart of MGT success, it’s your time! Over 9 of my members got married last year and 12 got engaged. Countless transformations happened all throughout the year. Members across the city are now face to face with their happiness, due to the coaching and personal development seminars we provide. What a year! Well let’s get into a topic for the first time in 2017. Again, my blogs are about experiences I go through, so be aware of the RESULTS I see day in and out.

What I want to tell you right now is to drive your car! I want you to think back to the last time you were cruising on the freeway. Now I want you to think back to the last time you ran out of gas (We all have! Lol). Some of you may have to think back to when you were in your teens or college days, but I want you to bring back that memory. Now, how did you feel when you ran out of gas? Were you upset? Frustrated? Embarrassed? What was your next step? Did you stay there for the rest of your life? Of course you didn’t. You either called someone to come get you or got your car towed somewhere. Or, the most common answer, you walk to the nearest gas station. What was that walk like? Were you tired? Was it a long walk? Were you late for your next destination? What was it like when you saw cars past you by?

Over all, the experience of running out of gas sucks! The emotions we all attach to this past experience help you do one thing, make sure you never run out of gas again. Now let’s relate this to us.

Many of us have so much momentum built inside of us due to the New Year. I feel momentum is so precious. When you have it, it’s a must that you use it. It’s not easy to create it, therefore is precious. I know for a fact, my MGT members have this momentum and like I tell them, drive your car. The importance of being able to cruise down the freeway is priceless. If I were to tell you how to continue your momentum (RESULTS) would you do so. Are you sure? You promise? Ok, very simple, make sure you stop and get gas! Seems like an “I already know this topic,” but why do so many of us not put gas into our car? Your car deserves oil right? Then why do we not install it into our cars? Why do we not put the necessary oil into our temple? To drive that beautiful car that you have (your mind, body, and soul) you must install the requirements that need to produce the movement you deserve.

Most of you love the way look because you’ve been working out with MGT or just taking care of your body and love the confidence it has placed inside of you. To keep those RESULTS we must put in the gas you need. If its MGT boot camp, your food intake, and personal development that have given you these emotions, then why stop? All you have to do is install the system you have been doing to keep receiving the RESULTS you are earning. If you have the relationship you desire, why stop putting in the gas you need to keep the relationship on the freeway. Don’t take away the date nights and compliments, because if you do you will run out of gas. Then you will be at a standstill and you will have to go though the experience of trying to put gas in your car. Do you really feel like asking your friends for help? Do you feel like walking all the way to the beginning, just to put gas back into your car? Your job is to not stop doing the things that got you the job. You want to continue to make your money, so don’t run out of gas, stay on the freeway. Install the things that will keep your job. Remember it’s a simple system to not run out of gas. You just have to install gas to keep you on the road. Same thing with all areas in your life you want to improve. You must install the things needed to keep you on the road.

Powerful! I want you to use this blog and install it into your life right now. Take advantage! These are what we master in MGT boot camps, webinars, and coaching. This year will be awesome! Greatness is waiting for you. It’s your time to look in the mirror and see the reflection you deserve. Remember you must install the proper requirements to do so.

Well soldiers, that’s it for now. Continue to put massive actions towards your desires. Your greatness will never be seen if you don’t open the doors you have closed. Our goal at MGT is to help you reach the things that you desire the most.

If you desire any of our services contact us at I have been asked to speak at churches, clinics, to athletic teams and various organizations and would love to speak to yours as well. Contact us at for bookings.

Love you guys! Until next time, remember not to be just a hearer of these words but to be a doer. Believe! Achieve! Receive!

-Chris Green

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